Our Covenant


We admit our sinfulness and the need for God’s forgiving grace in our lives.  We desire to focus on Christ, the center of our life together, and to allow his transforming power to work within us.  Accepting God’s grace, we commit ourselves to living under his reconciling love.


In covenanting together, we affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord.  We gratefully acknowledge him as our Lord and accept his teachings as the way to live.  We recognize the importance of:

Regular Bible study, worship with others, and prayer as a vital part of our Christian life.

Taking each other seriously, contributing our gifts and caring for one another in love to strengthen the Christian Body.

Living and sharing the Good New as Christ has taught us and as the Holy Spirit enables.



That we participate actively in the Fellowship in order to:

  1. Grow spiritually, both individually and collectively.
  2. Develop deeper “brother/sister in Christ” relationships.
  3. Be reminded that our Christian life together is more than a one day per week experience.

That we recognize our Christian life cannot be lived in isolation but in the spirit of support, admonition and openness with others.  Therefore we are encouraged to periodically review our Christian life with other Christians, either in the context of a small group or through individual relationships.

That we seek resolution of conflict through peaceful and non-violent means.

That we actively pursue resolution of personal conflicts, and that we actively encourage others to do likewise.

That we recognize when covenanting, we do so as a group.  We recognize that each year a new group covenants.  New persons may join the group, other may decide not to, or leave and individuals may grow in faith.  As such, the covenant is open to new understandings, refinements, and revisions in order to more faithfully reflect our focus on Christ.

That we grant those who have not covenanted the freedom necessary for genuine searching so as to give their decision integrity.

That we actively involve ourselves with the spiritual and material needs of both our local community and the worldwide community.

That we continue to relate to the larger Mennonite church.  That we share resources and programs with them

That we recognize there are similarities and differences in the beliefs and practices of Christians.  In committing ourselves to the above understandings we also express our openness to study and search with individuals and bodies of believers who differ in their understandings of the meaning of Christ’s leadership.  We want to continually test our understandings against all available information concerning the life and teaching of Jesus and the experience of God’s people in order that our beliefs and practices may represent, not private or extra-Christian understandings, but faithful expressions of what it means to be a Christian in our situation in today’s world.