Sundays at PMF

Typical Sunday

Worship begins at 9:30am, with Christian Education for all ages following at 11:00. There is an informal fellowship time (with coffee & tea) between worship and CE. Many members share in the worship time alongside pastoral leadership. We seek to make this experience comfortable for all, meaning that there are no expectations about dress, or previous church experience. 

Tables are provided in the sanctuary for families with children who would like to draw, color, write as they absorb the worship message. A special children’s time is also included in our worship.

Children’s time during worship service.


While we do not have a formal worship band, we have a number of gifted musicians who share their talents in leading the congregation in worship through song. While congregational singing in parts is valued, all are invited to join in as they feel comfortable.  We embrace a variety of diverse music. An invitation is open to anyone wishing to share their musical gifts.

Nursery Care

Nursery care is provided for all preschool children during worship.   Tables are placed in the sanctuary families with children to be able to color or write during worship service. A special children’s time is always included in worship service.

Adult and Children’s Education

Classes are available for all school-aged children and are grouped together by age. 

The adults gather in one class, focusing on different topics over the course of the year.  The class emphasis is on discernment together and active participation of everyone.

Special Worship Services

Throughout the year the following special worship services are planned:  yearly Covenant Service, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday, All Saint’s Day, and a Longest Night Service held on December 21. 

The Covenant service is a time for persons to share their intent to commit themselves to the life of the congregation for the coming year. This is in place of a “membership role” which is usually a one-time commitment. This service underscores PMF’s belief that the Christian life is one of a daily walk in the way of Jesus, a commitment that is best made and evaluated along the way.