About Mennonites

Used with Permission from First Mennonite Church, Indianapolis. A big Thank You, Ryan Ahlgrim Mennonites:   A   Church   for   Today By Ryan Ahlgrim (former Pastor, FMC) Introduction Mennonites are one of the best kept secrets among Christian churches. In most areas of North America, the average person has either never heard of Mennonites or confuses them with the horse-and-buggy driving […]

Core Values

The core values of PMF point to our distinctiveness as Anabaptist and serve as a guide in decision making. Jesus Centered / Growing in Experience of God’s Love Global Awareness A Worshiping Community;  Sharing Concerns, Resources & Faith Embracing Children and Youth Peace, Justice, & Biblical Nonviolence in Action Community Embracing Diversity Servant Leadership Valuing […]

Our Covenant

Preamble We admit our sinfulness and the need for God’s forgiving grace in our lives.  We desire to focus on Christ, the center of our life together, and to allow his transforming power to work within us.  Accepting God’s grace, we commit ourselves to living under his reconciling love. Covenant In covenanting together, we affirm […]